Height Increase After Puberty

Is it possible to increase height after puberty?

I’ll give you just one answer to this question: yes, yes and YES!

I’m pretty sure you’ve been told by everyone around you that it’s not possible to increase height after age 18.


A 100 years ago, it was thought that Small Pox was incurable. 60 years ago, there was no way to prevent polio. 50 years ago, landing on the moon was only a distant possibility.

My point is that science keeps on advancing. What was true 10 years ago is not true today for science. Think about it: 20 years ago, you wouldn’t be reading this article because there was no widespread internet.

Science keeps on advancing, and if there’s one thing that science has learned in the past decade or two, its that there is really no limit to the human body’s capabilities.

Roger   Bannister  first ran the mile in under four minutes in 1954 and that was once thought unbeatable; the current world record is 17 seconds lower than 4 minutes at 3:43s. Going below the 10 second barrier in the 100 meter race was also thought improbable. Now athletes are hitting 9.6 seconds in the 100 metre.

How was all that possible? Through better science and better understanding of the human body, of course!

Science claims that height increase is very much possible after puberty or the age of 18. A good exercise regimen, a few supplements, and a good diet have been proven to be effective in increasing your height. There is really no age that you completely stop growing; that would mean that the body itself would break down. Of course, your age is a big determining factor in the speed of your growth, but that’s the only role that age has to play in controlling how tall or big you can get.

After all, isn’t that how Usain Bolt was able to run the 100m in 9.76 seconds when once even going below 10 seconds was considered impossible?