Help Your Tinnitus With Nasal Irrigation Using a Neti Pot

How to use a neti pot.

First thing you need to do is put together the solution required which includes approximately 8-10 ounces warm water and about 1/4 teaspoon of salt. You need to make sure that the temperature of of the water is correct for you, Also you must make sure the salt has dissolved in the pot before you start. I must stress the importance of making sure that you have not used too much salt and you have let it dissolve, If you do not then you will end up with a very very sore nose.

Now comes the actual use of the neti Pot. Please make sure you do this over a bath tub or a sink if it is your first time, Since you are likely to lose some of the salt water either from the pot or your nose. Now you need to turn your head to the side and insert the neti pot into your upper nostril, When you start to tilt the neti pot and the salt water starts running into your nose the real tactic here is to relax. I know this can be hard when you have salt water running up your nose, I recommend you open and breath though your mouth to help you relax more also if you keep you chin tucked in the water should not run down the back of your throat, When that nostril is done tilt your head the other way and repeat the process again.

The next part is very important and it basically just involves emptying the water out of your nose, To do this you need to bend forward a little and turn you head from left to right also another good method is too breathe out your nose as fast as possible. Try not to hold either one of your nostrils closed or you could end up getting the water in a place where it will not dry very fast. You can also hold a tissue on the outside of your nose during this process to help dry out your nose.

If you get any problems please feel free to contact us. Problems are likely to be because of two things either the water temperature or the salt content, Please remember the inside of your nose is very sensitive so make sure the water is lukewarm or the right temperature for you, Also make sure you make sure the salt is dissolved.