Her Tips for Fast Weight Gain With Honey and Eggs

If you are underweight, you will need tips for fast weight gain. One tip is to eat honey and eggs for fast weight gain. The combination of eggs and honey will help your super thin body gain weight in a short time.

You should add honey and eggs to your fast weight gain menu. Honey and eggs are popular foods. With honey and eggs, you will be surprised with your weight after a short time. Let’s try it now.

Honey and egg-based menu for fast weight gain

Egg yolk contains the most nutrients in an egg. A yolk has an average of 13.6% of protein, 29.8% of fat and 1.6% of minerals as well as other vitamins such as vitamin B, D, E. It provides enough nutrients for your body and helps you gain weight quickly.

Protein in egg yolk can help you build muscle. Lecithin in an egg is a fatty substance that organizes cells in the body and helps with weight gain. You can eat egg yolk after boiling or steaming it.

Rich in valuable nutrients and natural sugar, honey is an indispensable food for humans. Honey protects your health and helps you gain weight effectively. With its high level of natural sugar with many vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E as well as valuable enzymes, honey will improve your health, enhance your resistance and help you gain weight.

By combining eggs and honey, you will have a delicious snack for fast and healthy weight gain.

How to prepare eggs and honey

– Beat up two egg yolks with 50 milliliters of honey, add 50 milliliters of hot water, then continue with beating up. When the mixture is warm enough, add some drops of lemon juice and it is ready for you to drink.

– Beat up two egg yolks with 50 milliliters of honey, then add some ginger. You can cook it in an electric spot or a rice cooker. Then it is ready for you to eat. You may also eat it with some rice.

However, if you are satisfied with your weight, you should not eat this dish too often or you will be overweight. Eating honey and eggs once or twice a week is recommended.

You should eat honey and eggs after breakfast or before 8 pm to have a deep sleep.

I wish you success with this tip for fast weight gain.