Herbal Aides to Develop Psychic Skills

Traditionally certain herbs have been used to heighten psychic awareness. They are usually ingested as teas or burned as incense. Some are only used as elixirs. The following herbs are beneficial as you advance your psychic abilities.

  • Cinnamon-The bark of the cinnamon tree raises your overall vibration.
  • Lesser Celandine. This psychic herb promotes a sense of delight in scrying work. It can be made into a wash, bath or tea
  • Peppermint heightens your awareness of your surroundings. Peppermint tea is delightful and will awaken your senses quickly.
  • Mugwort-Mugwort has been recognized for centuries as a visionary herb. As a tea, elixir or incense, Mugwort stimulates visions and brings clarity into divination sessions.
  • Live Forever is normally found in flower elixir form. It helps to understand Spirit Guides and can help bridge between symbols found in scrying sessions and their appearance in daily consciousness.
  • Star Anise will clear your mind of chatter, making your thoughts more focused and that will allow greater focus in your scrying sessions.
  • Sage-A staple of native cultures, when used as a tea or incense will awaken spiritual illumination and help integrate images, symbols and visionary experience that occur during divining sessions.
  • Celery will deepen concentration and focus.
  • Thyme is effective as a tea or incense when entering the Akashic Records for past life information. It illuminates the past in the present.
  • Rose will enhance your psychic ability. It makes a delightful wash or bath.
  • Vervain, along with Mugwort, is one of the best herbs for crystal gazing. It is a visionary herb and is especially helpful for spiritual quests.
  • Citronella isn’t just for outdoor bugs; it can heighten your psychic abilities too.
  • Pennyroyal will cleanse the aura. It is a protective herb that will also clear negative experiences and negative energies from objects and tools you may have used during a divining session.
  • Honeysuckle will boost your psychic perceptions. If you are lucky enough to have honeysuckle vines that are not sprayed in any way, the nectar can be ingested directly from the plant.
  • Chaparral will stimulate deep visionary states and help you understand symbols. This plant is beneficial when working with archetypes.
  • Forget-Me-Not is usually found as an elixir. The elixir stimulates visions and is helpful when contacting Spirit Guides.
  • St. John’s Wort has become popular to treat depression, but it was first know as a stimulant to past life experience. It can be used as a stimulant for astral travel through crystalline portals. It strengthens inner visions and the light core.
  • Paulos Santos will clear negative energies in the aura and through the digestive tract.

As you work with these herbs, original forms are best. Straight from Mother Nature provides raw energies that cannot be duplicated once the herbs are packaged commercially. As you work with them, certain herbs will develop a resonance with your higher consciousness and before the ones you turn to first. It may take some time for this to occur and your first choice will probably change as your vibrations increase.