Herbalife H30 Pro Isotonic Drink (Sports Nutrition Energy Drink)

As we demand more from our bodies during exercise, it’s vital that we support our body and provide what it needs. That is why you get so much more from H3O Pro isotonic drink than other leading brands on the market. Developed by experts in sports nutrition, H3O Pro is an innovative isotonic drink which helps to power exceptional performances by providing:

Hydration: H3O Pro replaces essential electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride lost through sweat. This helps you to hydrate quickly and helps avoid the negative physical affects of dehydration, such as muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches.

Energy and Stamina: Energizing blend of carbohydrates provide your body with immediate and sustained energy to prevent unwanted performance dips – keeping you at the top of your game!

Absorption: Energy releasing B-vitamins helps your body to absorb the nutrients in H3O Pr to power your performance.

Antioxidant Protection: Key antioxidants such as vitamins C and E help protect the body against the potentially damaging effects of free radicals induced during strenuous exercise or sports.

Exceptional Performance and Exceptional Taste: H3O Pro is a clean isotonic drink with a hint of tangy lemon, guaranteed to keep you refreshed, hydrated and performing at your best whatever your sport.

Available in convenient single serving sachets, H3O Pro is easy to use. Simply pour contents of one sachet into a water bottle and add water to produce 500ml of H3O Pro. One serving of H3O Pro in 500ml is recommended for every 60 minutes of strenuous exercise.

Contains: No artificial sweeteners No artificial flavours No preservatives.

Top athletes push their body to the limit to deliver an exceptional performance. How do they do it? Two crucial factors aid an exceptional performance: energy and hydration. As little as 2% fluid loss during exercise or mild dehydration can significantly harm your performance. Your body is 60% water so, for results to be proud of, your body fluid must be kept at its optimum level.

When you exercise, you sweat which increases the risk of suffering from the negative effects of dehydration such as headaches, fatigue and cramp.

Whatever your sport, whether you are a keen team player in a sport like football or hockey, a fan of challenging endurance activities such as marathons or triathlons, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys activities such as gym sessions, or a game of tennis – hydration and energy are vital in achieving results to be proud of.

General Fitness: You enjoy regular cardiovascular gym workouts or general aerobic exercise such as rowing, or a sport like tennis – you can benefit from an isotonic drink. A cardiovascular workout is where your body’s cardiovascular system is working to make your heart and lungs stronger and requires carbohydrates (carbs) for energy, fluids for hydration and electrolytes to replace those lost through sweat. H30 Pro also offers your body’s cells support against the negative effects of free radical damage.

Endurance Sports:Running, swimming and cycling all come under the endurance banner: performing strenuous exercise for long periods of time. These activities require carbs for energy and plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration. H3O Pro can help power exceptional performances by providing hydration crucial when sweating over a long period of time, and an additional source of energy right when you need it.

“When training hard and sweating a lot, drinking water is not enough to fulfill the body’s demanding hydration and energy requirements. And a subtle tasting isotonic drink suits me, nothing too sweet as I can sip it as often as necessary throughout my long training sessions.” Olly Freeman, triathlete UK.

Team Sports: Football, hockey, basketball or volleyball whatever team sport you play, H30 Pro can help keep your energy levels topped-up whilst aiding hydration during a match helping you to support your team you can’t let the side down!

Usage Information: The best time to enjoy H3O Pro is during your workout to keep you hydrated whilst providing a supply of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants to help power an exceptional performance. However H3O Pro can also help you stay hydrated and energized before your workout.