Here is the Best Way to Get Ripped by Body Type

The best way to get ripped is to understand your individual body type and design a program that fits it and your lifestyle. There are three general body types. This includes the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. By recognizing what type of body you have, you can develop a program to address your specific challenges to building a ripped physique.

Here is a more detailed description of the different body types:

Ectomorph – These individuals are generally considered lucky by their peers. They are typically very lean and naturally carry very low body fat. The best way to get ripped for an ectomorph involves putting on lean muscle mass. The challenge they face in developing a ripped physique is putting on enough muscle mass to be considered ripped instead of just skinny.

Endomorph – These individuals are the exact opposite of the ectomorph. If an endomorph even smells the food, an ectomorph will gain 5 pounds! With exercise, they easily make strength gains, but they face challenges in developing a ripped physique as they try to lower their body fat. For an endomorph, the best way to get ripped involves lowering their BMI.

Mesomorph – These individuals are the luckiest of the three. They have naturally athletic bodies that respond equally well to both diet and exercise. The challenges they face in developing a ripped physique are usually just issues of dedication and information. The best way to get ripped for a mesomorph involves committing to their body.

Here is the best way to get ripped by body type:

The ectomorph needs a routine of serious strength and muscle building exercises. Free weights as body weight exercises will be too easy for them, and they will expend too many precious calories before they even begin building muscle. Low repetition and heavy weights are needed. Supplements should be taken, accompanied by intense strength building workouts. The best way to get ripped for the ectomorph is to train like a powerlifter.

The endomorph has the hardest time developing a ripped physique. I have trained vegetarian endomorphs who had a hard time reaching their goals, but it can be done. For the endomorph, the key is cardiovascular training and close attention to diet. The best way to get ripped for the endomorph is to stay motivated. Since often it takes awhile for the endomorph to see results, it is often helpful to keep a journal during their training routine. The journal should include information such as how they are feeling, and interactions they have had during their day. Often the journal will help them see improvements in their quality of life that would go unnoticed if they were only looking at the mirror. This often is the key to get the endomorph through the building phase until the physical results are more noticeable.

Finally, the mesomorph is naturally athletic. The mesomorph’s routine really depends on how ripped they want to get. Because of their easy gains, and how they readily respond to training, mesomorphs can get lazy in the gym. The best way to get ripped for a mesomorph is to commit to regular training. Generally, a modest free weight or body weight exercise routine combined with some sort of cardiovascular exercise will get them to their goal.

Lastly, regardless of your body type, it always helps to take supplements. The best way to get ripped includes the right diets, exercises, and supplements. There are many different supplements on the market, but make sure to take proven supplements that will help you get ripped quickly!