Here’s How to Use Artificial Nails

Hi, I believe false or artificial nails are a very good solution to protect and or to enhance the beauty of your nails. You see, if your nail breaks down, you can use an artificial nail. Or, if your nails are very short, you will love those temporary nails on your fingers. The result is immediate. They are not expensive and you can do-it-yourself at home. In this short article, I will share with you some tips to fit your new nails at home with minimum efforts and complications.

First, it’s not difficult but you will have some works to do in order to perfectly fit your original nails and to match your desire result. Your first step will be to select a complete nail enhancement kit. Inside your kit, you will find the artificial nails, an adhesive and a mini-scissor. What you have to check is the quality of the nail and of the adhesive.

The very first thing to do is to cleanse your nail to remove any dust or particles that will deform your applications and that will weaken the longevity of your adhesive. An important tip to do if you change regularly your nails is to use a natural cleanser to preserve your nails.

Your next step is to file and shape your nails. Select carefully a nail for each of your fingers and then file the edges if necessary to have a perfect result. Then you use the adhesive on your natural nail to match the surface of your new nails, in this step, you really need to spread a really thin layer of adhesive. So now, you have to place the nails very close to your cuticle without touching it. When it’s well-positioned you just have to apply a small and a short pressure in the middle to use the glue. When everything is glued, file off any edges. Finally, you do your current job to apply two layers of your nail varnish and then your topcoat to seal the whole thing.

Your natural nails need to breathe, to take the natural air and the sun, so I really recommend you to wear them no more than a month. One month is the maximum. It’s obvious but I have to specify that use the adhesive from your kit or an adhesive made for your nails, do not ever use a common adhesive from your supermarket (or from your kids). Once again, when you decide to remove your artistic nails use a natural remover with non-acetone to protect your healthy nails. Of course, always use first, a remover. Do not try to peel it off yourself directly without a remover.

Hope that help!