He’s on the Line – Reel Him in by Playing Hard to Get!

Do you know how to tease a man to the point he’s begging you to go out with him? How do you get the perfect man to invite you on a date without asking him yourself? What do you need to do to keep him interested once you have him? If you have no idea what the answers to these questions are, then you’re just one of millions of women. It’s time to change the rules; you’re going to get him on the line and reel him in by playing hard to get.

As long as men and women have been in existence, women have been playing hard to get. Not every woman is an expert at playing this game, but every woman should become one. As little girls, women learn that if you chase little boys for a kiss, they run screaming in the opposite direction. When girls ignore the boys, then and only then do the boys find them interesting..

Here it is, plain and simple – men are hunters; they do not like to be chased. If you are always there, he does not have time to miss the good things about you, and since you are there, does he really need to think about you anyway? On the other hand, you do not want to act uninterested either. If you do, then he may think you are not interested.

Knowing exactly when to reel him in by playing hard to get requires delicate timing. When you first meet him, give him very little, only vague responses to keep him curious. At the same time, you also want to let him know that you are interested in him, but it must be a discreet signal. If he takes the nibble, then he’s interested in you as well. If the line doesn’t waver, then you probably need to recast the line.

You will be tempted, but do not call him first. Even if two months have gone by, and he still has not called, do not call him. If he has not called by that time, then he’s not interested. Don’t let it break your heart; he was not good enough for you, girl.

Normally if a guy is interested in a girl, he will wait a short while, and then call to invite her out for a date. When he calls, pretend you don’t remember him for a few seconds. Remember, he’s on the line; now we need to reel him in by playing hard to get.

Go ahead and say yes if you want to know him better. Don’t accept the first date he offers you. Let him assume your days are quite busy, and no matter what, do not ever cancel other plans to go on a date. Even though you think he’s wonderful may be the most important person in your life, he doesn’t need to know that now.

Don’t be nervous on the first date. It’s not a marriage ceremony; it’s a first day. Make him laugh; then let him discover that not only you are interesting but that you’re also extremely intelligent. Some men are turned on by intelligent women; if he is, play that brain card but not too much.

Refrain from talking about your past boyfriends. Tonight, it is all about you and him. Get to know him and tell him about you. Under no circumstances, should you ever, ever bring a Bridal Magazine and the name of your priest to a first date. That is a huge NO.

Well now you know enough about fishing to get him to take your bait. Remember to leave him curious after every meeting and always wait for him to come to you. If you hold the line and follow these steps, you can easily reel him in by playing hard to get.