Hexagonal Gazebo Plans – Steps To Create A Six Sided Gazebo

A gazebo is usually built in the shape of an octagon, but with the help of proper hexagonal gazebo plans you can build a distinctive gazebos with six sides. It will add an inimitable charm to your yard. Though it may look intimidating, it is really easy to plan and build it. Making this structure is quite similar to making an octagonal one. Following are the instructions you can use for creating one yourself.

Base: A simple base can be created easily with concrete. Select a suitable place for your gazebo. A hexagonal gazebo has a distinctive shape and may or may not suit in every surrounding. A suitable place will enhance its beauty and grace. Clean this place thoroughly. Remove weeds, rocks and stones if any. Dig the mounds of soil and fill in the holes. Flatten the ground with a large heavy roller.

Now to make the floor, mix a basic mixture of concrete by following the instructions on the bag. Spread this mixture evenly and flatten it properly on the pre-cleaned ground. Try to avoid glides and ditches. You can now put tiles, wooden flooring etc on this concrete layer to give it a sophisticated touch. Your plastered area should be around 10 square feet. Let it dry for a day.

Make holes: Next step to follow in these hexagonal gazebo plans is digging holes around the circle which you created earlier. If you haven’t plastered your concrete in a circular shape don’t worry, just draw a rough circle on it with the help of a thread. Mark its center. Now using a thread and a chalk as a compass, divide the circle in to six equal parts. These markings will serve as the points where the holes are to be dug. With a shovel dig 12 inch deep holes on these marks.

Posts: Take 6 lengths of timber of 14 feet each. These should be cured timber and should be of equal length and width. Preferably use round poles. Bury each one of these poles one by one in every hole but instead of using soil for filling the holes use concrete mixture. Let these dry for a day or two.

Head beams: If the concrete has dried, check if all the posts are of the same height. If not, slice away the tops to make them equal. To make a mantle for your structure, use 6 poles of 4×4 lumbers. These should be around 40″ in length. Nail the cured wood posts to the top of the poles of your previously buried posts. For additional support use metal strips. Trim away any rough edges.

With bracing you can enhance the beauty of your gazebo. Buy some pre-made gazebo braces from the market and nail them to the wall posts.

Top: You now need a set of 6 timber poles. These should not exceed 74″ in height. You also need a small beam of wood to serve as the hub. Screw these 74″ posts firmly to the hub one by one. You must keep in mind to maintain a 45 degree angle. A hexagonal cone will be formed. Lift this cone on to the top of your poles with some assistance so that each corner coincides. Nail these posts.

Roof: Measure the triangular window like gaps made by the each face of the hexagonal top. Trace this on plywood. Cut six such pieces accordingly. Nail each of these from the inside of your top and then apply shingles. Thus, according to your hexagonal gazebo plans you are now done.