HHO Gas Car Conversion – Convert Your Car To Burn Water

HHO gas car conversions have been seen in the news. Why are these conversions gaining in popularity? It is because they are increasing gas mileage by 20-50%. Some are seeing these vehicles as a water hybrid car by supplementing HHO gas with you gasoline or diesel fuel you could save money at the pump.

HHO gas kits do not come cheap. Even ones found on popular auction sites sell for hundreds of dollars. If you have a few vehicles you would like to convert this could add up.

How this gas works is that it is generated in a cell full of water and a catalyst such as backing soda is contained in that cell alone with a few or many plates usually stainless steel that is similar to a battery. The designs can vary. The cell is hooked to your cars battery to help with the process of electrolysis to generate a gas. The gas is introduced into the intake manifold of your car or truck using the assistance of your vehicles vacuum. By using this gas it should increase the efficiency of your engine so resulting in better gas mileage. Larger engines may require 2-6 cells but that is not usually an issue a typical cell is about the size of a quart jar.

You may have seen reference to these HHO gas cells online or in forums as hydrogen on demand or even hydrogen cell. This is not exactly pure hydrogen it produces but the effect is similar.

The parts to build a home HHU gas conversion can easily be found around town. A really savvy shopper can build a cell for around $ 60 and anyone who uses their hands or likes to build stuff should have not problem constructing a home conversion kit. When the conversion is made to the motor very little modification is needed to the vehicle.

HHO gas technology is still considered experimental but it is a supplemental fuel additive of sorts that could help you increase mileage, increase horsepower, reduce emissions while providing a quitter and cleaner engine. So why not convert your car to burn water?