High Alkaline Foods Can Help Avoid Menopause Weight Gain in Women

High alkaline foods can be a real boon for women who are suffering from menopause and pre-menopause symptoms.

Indeed, hot flashes and menopause weight gain should come immediately to mind for many women reading this.

Although some wouldn’t make that connection right away, it seems that including a wide selection of these types of foods goes a long way in helping to keep the body in a healthier alkaline state, thereby helping to keep those pesky hot flashes at bay and even encouraging more belly fat loss.

Some of the best high alkaline foods are broccoli, cucumber, garlic, grapefruit, kale, lemon, lime, olive oil, parsley, spinach, sprouted grains, seeds and beans and stevia.

Enjoy them in their most natural state either raw, lightly steamed and organic whenever possible to avoid unwanted pesticides and chemicals and to assure their best possible nutritional value.

Whenever possible include a selection of these foods into your daily diet plan and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effectively they will not only keep your digestion running smoothly but also how many less occurrences of hot flashes you’ll actually experience.

Doing something as simple as adding a slice or lemon or lime or even a few slices of cucumber to your glass of water helps to make that water more alkaline. Interestingly, although many of us would consider lemons and limes to be quite acidic, they actually have the opposite effect on the body.

Also, using stevia in place of white sugar for sweetening has the same effect. White sugar on the other hand is a very acidic food and keeps your body in an acidic state.

A light drizzle of virgin olive oil over your vegetables in place of butter is another way to add more alkaline into your diet. Most dairy products are acidic.

The same can be said for highly processed and refined foods and condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, coffee and soda.

These are all highly acidic foods that not only keep the body in a highly acidic state (inviting all sorts of health problems), but they also create an imbalance in the body’s already declining hormones (progesterone, estrogen and testosterone) as it struggles to keep the body in balance or homeostasis as it’s often referred to in the medical field.

The idea isn’t to exclude all high alkaline foods from your diet, although you certainly can. The idea I’m trying to impart is more one of creating a healthy balance of both. When we strive to keep our body in balance, it’s been shown that the occurrence of menopause induced hot flashes and other related symptoms drops significantly.

For those women who are constantly struggling with menopause weight gain, one last excellent reason to include these foods in to your daily diet plan is that they’ve also been shown to help you lose belly fat fast.