High IQ And The Thirst For Knowledge

Einstein once said that curiosity was his friend and his memory was a faithful servant. Okay so, what's more important; the question or the answer? Well, my friend I will submit to you, it depends on who you ask. For if the person you ask is you, then the question is more important, because the simple asking of a question sends you on a journey to seek out the answer and discover new things, for which more questions emerge. This is how an active high IQ mind works. Let's talk shall we?

You see, this topic came up a couple of years ago at our think tank, and Mark who is a genius in his own right told me; "I have no idea why my mind wants to have all this information. I've always been curious my whole life but I thought that just a simple trip outside would require so much thought."

It does not 'require' so much thought, but his mind enjoys the process, so it just runs away with it. Nothing wrong with taking curiosity and coupling it with imagination – plus belief, creating a world within a world, hey did you see the movie "Limitless" and "Inception" kind of reminds me of all that, with a little "Matrix" in the mix – pretty cool.

To my reader so you can follow along, here is some advice to get into the curiosity mode. You might try this; pick up package, read the ingredients then try to back imagine the supply chain, from the crops in the field, to the tractors used, to the rubber, steel, and hydraulic systems on it, to who made them, where did the come from , to the iron ore mines, to the rubber vulcanization plant, to the GPS maker running the electronic hardware inside the combine harvesting the wheat, to the seeds, the labs designing the seeds, to the BMW the guy in the lab drives, to his home, his college aged kids, their friends, and their family, to the lady standing next to you. How many degrees of separation is she, are you, from that product you are holding in your hands?

That's what I do. I look at people and put together their life stories, guess their profession, what bought them there, what they are thinking, based on body language, facial expressions, clothes, shoes, etc. It is amazing how good you can get at this, and what if you went into their life a little more, asked them questions and found out were you dead on in your estimation? It happens to me all the time.

Try this too on your next walk, look at a commercial building imagine the inside, layout, furniture. How accurate do you think your projections are of the room, lighting, temperature, air flow, furniture of those rooms, buildings, businesses are as you walk down the street? You might be surprised how close your estimates are. Maybe there is a possibility to ride a brain wave onto the photons flowing through the window? Next, enter the building see how close your predictions are, hone your skills, and refine your predictions and probability judgments in your mind, it will be easy to remember when you were wrong and when you were right.

Try it, you will be amazed – curiosity is a wonderful attribute for a high IQ, fast processing mind.