High Power Led Flashight

This flashlight is one that will:

* Stream over 300meters of light

* Run for a whopping 150hrs

* IPX-8 Standards waterproofing

* The finish is a Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive

My backyard is approximately 25meters in width. If I stand on my veranda with this flashlight shinning down the yard, it’s beam literally reaches fence to fence with so much light, it’s like going from night to day.

The amazing Fexin TK40 comes with eight modes of operation. Four of the modes are primary functions and other modes are secondary functions.

Here are the output ratings in lumens, out of the four power modes.

* Low = 13 Lumens

* Medium = 93 Lumens

* High = 277 Lumens

* TURBO = 630 Lumens

To compare, the medium setting on the Fenix TK40 is about the same as my three, D cell battery mag light torch. My maglight beam was set to the same size as the Fenix TK40.

As mentioned earlier, each mode has a secondary function which are;

* Low function is Slow Flash

* Medium function is SOS Flash

* High function is Fast Flash

* TURBO function is Strobe

Of course the SOS function would be handy if you had to use it. It better than manually turning it on and off for hours. You never know when you might need to use one of these flashing functions. For instance, if you need a marker for a night navigational course, the slow flash is perfect. If you are a security or police officer, the strobe would be excellent for startling people.

On the low setting, you’ll get 150hrs of run time. That’s approximately 6 straight days. Is the low setting worth it? Good enough to light up a tent at night. If you’ve been asleep for a while and wake up, it will sure light up the room. I know from experience, on low my house lights up late at night.

If you hunt and want a good spotlight, turn this to TURBO mode for the brightest LED flashight you’ve ever used. Honest! TURBO has a run time of 2hrs.

Still in TURBO mode, when it’s the darkest it can be, you can set the flashlight on a table, facing up towards the ceiling, turn it on and it’s just like having a regular light on.

You can act as if you were using regular light and read or eat dinner. I have never had or used such a great flashlight. To this day I’m still amazed at how good it really is. This high powered LED flashlight is second to none.