Hip Dysplasia Common in Boxers

As a dog-lover, it's always a our responsibility to look after both the health condition and well-being of our pets. Boxer dogs have a way of connecting to people socially and because of this, they can become more than a pet in the house. Although they have a very solid built, boxer dogs are vulnerable to certain illnesses which can only be claimed if, we, the dog owners know how to treat them right.

One of the common illness that occurs in boxer dogs is called hip dysplasia. It is common on large breed dogs and it is a progressive degenerative condition on the pelvic area of ​​your dog which leads to lameness. Hip dysplasia can be prevented as long as the environment where the boxer lives does not have any contributing factors which can help develop this illness.

When your boxer dog develops this illness, it could be that he has grown to become a really old dog that the ball and socket joints where the thighbone and pelvis meets have gone loose. The deformation of the forming tissues surrounding this area is the very cause of hip dysplasia. Although it may seem a real loss for your dog's natural active life, it is better that you look for a treatment program quick.

When adopting a boxer dog from breeders, make sure that the parents of the pup have been certified that they have been tested for hip dysplasia and are free from any genes that can develop to this illness later on. Other illness test should also be considered to ensure that your dog grows up and old a healthy pet.

To maintain your dog's health and prevent from any possible illness, provide your boxer with proper nutrition and adequate exercise. What's more worth it though, is that you spend time with your boxer pet regardless his condition if he ever develops this certain illness later on.