Hire Floor Cleaning Services to Improve the Looks and Durability

The two most significant factors concerning the floors of any commercial premises that bear high traffic are durability and appearance. That is the reason we see extensive use of VCT (vinyl composition tiles) and linoleum floors in places like schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. These places are exposed to heavy continuous traffic. Yet, despite their ruggedness and ability to maintain their good looks for a long time, linoleum and VCT floors, like any other floor, need proper maintenance, enabling them to serve usefully for many years to come without affecting their appearance.

Over prolonged use, such floors tend to develop dents, scratches and their outer protective coating starts turning yellowish. Alternate flooring materials, such as carpets and laminates, may be replaced as they start showing signs of ageing but VCT and linoleum floors can be refurbished with the help of waxing, stripping and buffing.

Linoleum and VCT floors are made from many layers of wax, creating coatings that bear the scrubbing, scratching and abuse of intense traffic. As these layers of wax start getting deteriorated, you feel the need to have the floor stripped and refurbished. You should understand that the function of wax, apart from enhancing the looks of your floor, is also to protect them. It is the wax that offers protection to your floor, adding to its life and making it look attractive during its lifespan.

Though the process of refurbishing linoleum and VCT floors is rather easy, it necessarily needs special chemicals and tools. That is why it is recommended to entrust this job to agencies offering office cleaning services, rather than attempting to do it on your own. The first step of the process is to use special chemicals for stripping the floor, followed by the scrubbing of floors. This removes the older wax entirely, including the floor sealer. Once all the wax has been efficiently removed, a number of fresh coats of wax are applied evenly all over the floor. Finally, the wax is buffed to leave behind a shiny floor.

Most floors in use these days are built from tiles made from vinyl compounds. Strictly speaking, linoleum should be made from natural elements containing linseed oil, but very few manufacturers use such materials. Therefore it is vital to know if your service provider can distinguish real linoleum from its other forms, because using inappropriate floor strippers could cause irreparable harm to natural linoleum. Make sure that the correct chemicals are used for stripping the floor.

It is not unusual for your floors to acquire a slight yellowish tinge over prolonged use, making it look unhealthy and dirty. The only remedial measure for it in such cases is to get rid of the old wax and have a new layer of wax applied evenly on your floor. The results would amaze you, as your floor will start shining once again, looking like new. Visitors to your office will appreciate its new looks, which will resist for a long time.