Hiring Staff, Employees and Job Postings For Starting a Bakery Or Opening a Cake Shop Business

Hiring Staff, Job Postings, Employees

It does not matter what business you are in or about to get into or whether you think being self employed is the way to go in today’s employment market. You are going to be involved with job postings, employees and hiring staff!

Hiring staff? Are you self employed, then you just hired yourself to operate a business! You are an employee of your own business! Alright; maybe you did not advertise and answer a job posting in the local newspaper or employment office, but you did answer to your own desire to be self employed. Therefore you did answer your own job posting.

Hiring staff is the next process of our bakery business and that bakery business can be a cake shop business, a bread shop or any other product related to the bakery profession. These people will be employees and likely answering the job posting either in the local newspaper or the local employment exchange.

One of the first things we need to do is decide what the job posting will say. So we also need to know what qualifications that person needs to have to answer the job posting in order to get hired. Our previously designed business plan will answer that question. Or at least it should!

What are you looking for in the employee? Someone to ice and decorate wedding cakes, maybe! Maybe the person needs to be able to mould bread into shapes with two hands! Perhaps they need to handle cash, in which case they need to receive and give exact change. Maybe you don’t know anything about accounting, so the person you hire might need to have accounting practices as a resume requirement.

Age and experience might play a part in the job posting as maybe the wage offered. Depending upon where you are in the world the age of your employee may not matter. However, if you live in a civilized country many of them will state the hours an employee can work.

That country might also state, that a person under a certain age cannot work before a certain time, they might also prevent that person from working a night shift or working certain machinery too. Many countries also state that unless you have a visa or work permit for that country, then again you cannot work.

It is also an advantage to your business to make certain that the people who reply to your job posting have a food safe certificate. Or you can stipulate that they obtain one before a certain date in the employment. Also, in some countries the government requires each employer to be held responsible for hiring staff without a social security number, and the penalties are high for employing a person without such a document.

Newspapers charge by the column inch for all advertising as well as the number of words used. The better ads are boxed ads. These are designed to get as much attention as possible, but even these ads can be enhanced by the position on the page and in what category they appear.

A survey suggested that people who are right handed see the bottom right hand side of a page first, while left handed people see the opposite left hand page. But with all newspaper advertising it will solely depend upon who purchases that newspaper as to whether your ad is seen. Radio advertising is expensive and needs to be a long term advertising to have any effect. Here again, your radio advertising will only be heard by people who are listening and have that channel on their radio.

The same is for television advertising. It is extremely expensive and needs to be a long term advertising campaign. However, people are sick and tired of having their favorite program interrupted by advertising, so you really have to ask yourself, “how much”, can your business afford to get your advertising word in front of your prospective clients. Work of mouth, is always the best form of advertising to aim for and you might be surprised, at how many resumes you receive, even without a job posting. Satisfied employees will tell their friends about staff hiring’s or job postings.