Historical Places to Stay in France

If you want a trip to a place which is grand but contemporary, where you could walk along white sand coastlines of serene beaches then choose a France travel. France travel is all that you need to have a feel and taste of paradise, wherein a spectacular topography will sweep over your emotions and gorgeous nature's metaphors will captivate your heart.

A getaway to France is a journey that will take you through splendid panorama, beautiful beaches, shopping malls, architectural work of art, museums, and the luxurious accommodations in France's best hotels that offers world-class services.

Also, France is a place where a lot of historical events took place. And with this in mind, you may want to savor the historical atmosphere that your France travel could give you. For a full experience of what went before, you have the option to stay in elegant hotels or inns that are rich in history and full of interesting things. Below are just some, where you could exactly have a taste of bygone era:

1. The most celebrated spot in France when it comes to history is Normandy. It is historical in a sense, that it has fought too many battles and seen too many wars for France. The burning of Joan of Arc in 1431is the world's most legendary event here. There are just too many hotels in this place to choose from such as Chateau de Bouceel and Hotel d'Argouges. Surely, you should spend some time here for your France travel.

2. Château des Alpilles-This elegant hotel will give you a taste of what refinement and luxury is all about. This chateau was built in 1827 by the Pichot family and through its existence it has accommodated famous personalities like Chateaubriand.

3. Château de la Vallée- This chateau will be a nice choice if you really want the feel of history because within the walls of the chateau, famous people have been here. When they give you a room with names like Chopin, Delacroix, Flaubert and Liszt, it's most likely that these people have slept in the same room! The chateau was built by a doctor who steadfastly took care of his patient George Sand who is a feminist trendsetter and an author. Curiosity griped this area of ​​France as they tried to unveil this woman who masquerades as a man.

4. Hôtel Trianon Palace -Louis XIV's construction of this palace nearly bankrupted France. In the rooms that house guests today are the same rooms where diplomatsats who sanctioned the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919 took lodgings. The luxurious hotel prides themselves if their own relaxing spa.

5. The Hotel Juana in France is located in the resort of Juan-les-Pins near Cap d'Antibes. It offers conventional lavishness and stylish contemporary susceptibility in the midst of its historic architectural designs and fabulous seashore setting.

6. Château de Roussan – the chateau will remind you of the bygone time. The main building which is protected by neoclassical stone façade was built in 1701. The famous psychic Nostradamus once lived in one of the chateau's here. This hotel is one of the most beautiful in Provence, France and you might want to stay here as you enjoy your France travel .