History and Evolution of Clipboards

Clipboards have become a necessity for offices and schools world over. Apart from creating a very professional outlook they substitute as a cheap and effective marketing tool essential for the unexpected presentation or for simply holding important documents together. Even in the current era dominated by computers and automated equipment, this item of stationary continues to be produced and distributed in large numbers in most parts of the inhabited business world.

History and Evolution of Clipboards

This simple yet extremely unique and useful piece of office equipment is used in diverse industries particularly due to its uniqueness and multipurpose usage. It was initially introduced and used as only a support for holding paper and writing on but as the office equipment evolved over time, more modern clipboards started to emerge. Another cover layer was then introduced in the more modern versions which made this piece of equipment capable of storing important papers and notes while also fulfilling its initial purpose.

Current Usage

While the old board and clip designs are also used in copious amounts particularly by students, the more recent designs and styles are used by businessmen in many industries. Their attractive covers available in various specifications and materials including leather and Racine are very presentable and portable at the same time.

For office staff and business personnel needing to transport and hold their important notes and pages in a vessel lighter and more manageable in contrast to a briefcase, the clipboard provides a significantly cheap, convenient and equally presentable alternate. Also, for people who need to prepare and present a presentation or business plan in a small amount of time, the clipboard can be used to promote your brand and portray important messages and pictures immediately. Furthermore, distributing equipment such as these with the company logo on them can boost the morale of the personnel as well as encourage their loyalty.

Designs and Specifications

Clipboards are readily available in markets and stationary shops and in diverse styles and designs. Clipboard manufacturers and providers offer the option of personalising this item according to your needs. You can decide the number of clips your clipboard needs to hold, and also the type of clip such as the crocodile or jumbo clip. In addition, the edging can be stitched and cornered and you can further enhance the appearance of your board by selecting from a variety of printing options including screen printed, litho printed, embossed or encapsulated clipboard.

A clipboard might seem like a small insignificant item but its uses are numerous. Students use them to take their exams, businessmen use them to jot down their valuable ideas and the mailman uses them to get your signatures easily on the receipts. This invention has surely made life of many quite easy.