Hit The Slopes Fit, Not Fat

You've book your winter vacation. You're excited about your upcoming ski trip over a long weekend. You can almost hear your ski's driving through the snow as you rush down your favorite run. Then it hits you! You have not skied in a year and as a matter of fact you have not spent all that much time staying in shape either. You've earned a few pounds since last years trip and you've been starting to notice your stamina is not what it was a year ago. You used to hit the gym regularly a few times a week, but this past year work as been crazy, the kids seem to have more going on and the gym has just gotten pushed to the back burner. To put it bluntly, you've gotten fat.

The following 4-week plan is designed to improve your fitness level, increase your strength and stamina and get you back in shape so you can enjoy more time on the slopes and less time recovering in the lodge.

The following program is designed as a 4-week program. The exercises are focused around the muscles and movements used in skiing. Not only are these exercises designed to increase your strength and stamina; they also will help protect you against injury.

This program will start with a dynamic warm-up, then move into some core and strength work and finish up with a high-intensity interval finisher. In Week 1 you are going to perform both Workouts A and B once. Weeks 2 and 3 you will perform Workouts A and B twice each. Week 4 you will perform Workouts A and B once each leading up to your weekend.

The Workout

Dynamic Warm Up – perform this warm-up before each workout.

Foam Roll (Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, IT Band, Inner Thigh, and Back)

10 reps each area

Hip Flexor Stretch with Overhead Reach

30 seconds each side

DBL Hip Bridge

10 reps

Forward and Backward Jumps

10 reps over and back

Prisoner Lunge with Rotation

10 reps each side

Side-to-Side Jumps

10 reps over and back

Wave Squat

10 reps

Triangle Jumps

5 reps clockwise, 5 reps counter-clockwise

Speed ​​Skaters

10 reps over and back

Workout A – perform 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Performing A1 then A2 once each followed by a rest period of 60s and then repeated for two more sets. Do the same for groups "B" and "C".

A1) Kettlebell Swing

3 x 10

A2) Single Arm Push Press

3 x 10

B1) Kettlebell Goblet Squat

3 x 10

B2) TRX Row

3 x 10

C1) Single Leg Deadlift

3 x 10 each side

C2) Front Plank

3 x 60 seconds

Finisher: Squat Matrix

2 sets

Workout B- perform 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Performing A1 then A2 once each followed by a rest period of 60s and then repeated for two more sets. Do the same for groups "B" and "C".

A1) Split Squat

3 x 10 each side

A2) 3 Point Dumbbell Row

3 x 10 each side

B1) Single Leg Hip Bridge

3 x 10 each side

B2) Push Ups

3 x 10

C1) Side Plank

3 x 30 seconds each side

C2) Inch Worm

3 x 5

Finisher: Bike Sprint Intervals

5 sets of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

Exercise Descriptions

Kettlebell Swing – Start in shortstop position with hips hinged, back flat, and head up. Place hands on the handle of kettlebell. Place the kettlebell about 12 inches in front over your body on the floor. To start the movement pull the kettlebell back between your legs, as is you are snapping a football. From there explode your hips forward allowing the kettlebell to rise to chest height. Once there pull the kettlebell back down and between your legs by hinging your hips. Do not squat the swing.

Single Arm Push Press – Select a dumbbell that is slightly heavier than what you could stand and press with one arm. Starting with the dumbbell at your shoulder, slightly dip your hips and explode up pushing the dumbbell to the ceiling. Lock out at the top, and then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position. Perform all repetitions on one side before switching to the other side.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat – Holding the kettlebell by the horns tuck your elbows to your rib cage. Hinge your hips back and sit down into a squat until your elbows reach your knees. Push through your heels and stand up.

TRX Row – Using a TRX Suspension Trainer grab the handles with a neutral grip and walk your feet in until you reach approximately a 45-degree angle with your body. Lower your body down slowly by straightening your arms and then pull yourself back up. Do not allow your shoulders to shrag up to your ears.

Single Leg Deadlift – Start by standing on one leg with arms at sides (you can hold dumbbells is needed). Hinge your hips and lean over keeping the knee of the leg you are standing on slightly bent and the opposite leg straight and horizontal with the floor. Once your hands reach knee level stand back up. Perform all repetitions on one side before switching to the other side.

Front Plank – Start on the floor supported on your forearms and toes. Clasp your hands together with your elbows under your shoulders. Keep your back flat with a neutral spine. Hold for 60 seconds.

Squat Matrix – Perform 20 seconds of bodyweight squats, immediately followed by 20 seconds of squat jumps, immediately followed by a 20 second squat hold. Rest 20 seconds. That's one set.

Split Squat – Start in a lunge position. Lower your back knee to the floor. Do not let your front heel lift off of the floor. Lift up by pressing your heel into the floor. Keep legs in split position until all reps are completed on one side, then repeat on opposite side.

3 Point Dumbbell Row – Place one hand on a bench and both feet square on the floor. Keep a flat back and pull the dumbbell up toward your body and pull your shoulder blade back. Do not shake shoulders. Do all reps on one side and then repeat on opposite side.

Single Leg Hip Bridge – Start by lying on your back with your right leg straight and left leg bent with foot on the floor. Press your left foot into the floor and lift your hips and right leg up from the floor. Do all reps on one side and then repeat on opposite side.

Push Ups – Start on the floor in a push-up position. As you lower your body to the floor keep elbows at 45 degrees. Push yourself back up.

Side Plank – Start by lying on your side with your elbow under your shoulder. Plank up on your elbow and forearm and outside of you bottom side foot. Keep your body in straight alignment.

Inch Worm – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Touch your toes and walk hands out to just beyond a push-up position. Walk feet back to hands, keeping legs straight. Walk hands back out and repeat.

Bike Sprint Intervals – Pedal for 30 seconds as fast as possible and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat for prescribed sets.