Hitachi 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor

This is Leroy and I am here to tell you how excited I am about this compressor. The compressor is very quiet with quick replenish time and very portable. I really like this compressor because it runs on 120V household current and maintains its pressure levels with no problem.

It can also last quite a while unplugged if you don’t have an electric outlet handy; this makes it a good tool for any job site or just around the house for quick fixes. I have used mine in a number of ways besides the usual for my pneumatic tools. It’s great for adding air to low tires and many other small projects. The gauges are on the front and easily to read which I like as well.

It has an easy to use drain ball valve to keep any moisture out of the air and being oil-free you don’t have to worry about oil possibly staining your project especially when you are using a brad nailer or finish nailer. You certainly don’t want oil penetrating your woodwork.

Another nice feature I really like is that it has complete shrouding that protects it during transport and also protects me from hot surfaces, which I have learned the hard way from other types of compressors and is not pleasant.

This compressor has been a very good addition to my tool collection for all the handyman things I do and just around my shop for quick projects so that way I don’t have to use my big compressor. This compressor is truly for any Handyman or Professional.