Hitting The G-Spot

If you want to give your women some of the most satisfying orgasm they have every had. You best learn how to hit her g Spot during sex. Whether you want to give your partner more pleasure or build your reputation as a sexual super stud learning to hit her g spot is the answer. Our research has unearthed the best sexual positions to hit her G spot.

G-spot sex position 1

A great position for stimulating her g spot and giving her satisfying orgasms is an exiting modification of the rear entry position. Have your women position herself for rear entry sex but in this variation have her lower her head to the pillow so her bottom is tilted upwards.

This upwards tilt of her buttock will let you penetrate at an angle that gives deeply satisfying stimulation to the g-spot In order to hit the exact angle for that perfect g-spot orgasm the woman and raise and lower her torso.

A 2nd Position to Give Her G-Spot Orgasms

When done correctly this position will result in deep penetration that really hits that g spot. Have her sit on a table, kitchen counter or even the washing machine any thing as long as it level with your pelvis when you are standing.

Have her spread her legs widely and standing between them penetrate her as deeply as possible, she should wrap her legs around you as you begin to thrust in and out deeply stimulating her g spot with every thrust. This should bring you both to climax in short order.

3. G-spot orgasms with here on top Using the girl on top position you can learn to hit the g spot every time you have sex. Get her to position herself with her legs on the outside of yours. You should try and tilt your pelvis as far forward as possible. This can be quite strenuous and in may be a good idea to used a pillow or 2 under your buttocks to maintain the desire position.

As she sits on your erect penis she will be able to change her position as she desires to find her g-spot.

She will be in control of both speed, depth and angle of penetration and can manipulate the variables to give her maximum g spot stimulation- and pleasure.

4. An Unsual position for g-spot sex This position can be strenuous but allows for good stimulation of the g-spot in you have the stamina

Get her to lie on her back and as you kneel in front of her have her place her legs over your shoulders.

Lift her buttock so you can penetrate her.

This can be a strenuous position and if you find it to taxing simply have her spread her legs and change to the missionary position to finish off.

These 4 positions will allow you give her more satisfaction from sex as you will with a little practice and experimenting be hitting her g-spot every time