Oh Please, Not Another Article on Bullying

Everyone has been bullied at one time or another, if they say they haven’t they just didn’t recognize what was happening at the time. The RAND Corp did some research and it turns out that 17% of those bullied became bullies themselves – akin to the story of a kid who had his plastic shovel stolen in the sandbox in the 1st grade grows up and becomes a cop, who treats everyone bad.... »

Xerox Copier

There are many different types of copying and printing devices that we can use to carry out our office needs. Since most of the times we are printing or copying documents we need to select a copier that will satisfy our work requirements. In this regard the Xerox brand of office supplies is considered as being reliable. All of the Xerox Copiers are an excellent choice whether you are in the corpor... »

Hotel Ambiance – What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye

We define ambiance as the mood or the atmosphere that we encounter in a particular place at a particular instance of time. Ambiance, in this context, is a very important aspect of the hotel experience. It’s not really something guests see, but rather something that is felt, something that is experienced. Without ambiance, hotels will simply be buildings with a bunch of rooms for lodging-and ... »

The Ways An Air Conditioner Compressor Can Fail, and What To Do About It

Air conditioner compressors usually fail due to one of two conditions: time and hours of operation (wear out), or abuse. There are some failures that can occur elsewhere in the system that will cause a compressor failure, but these are less common unless the system has been substantially abused. Usually abuse is a result of extended running with improper freon charge, or as a consequence of improp... »

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis – Free Tips Inside

If you are born with a small penis, chances are you will feel more insecure, conscious and somewhat envious of other males. This is a common sentiment that is shared by a lot of males around the world. Statistics show that in the United States, the number of males who are concerned about the size of their penises is increasing dramatically. As of now, it is roughly estimated that 38% of males in t... »

Protein – Essential Component of Any Healthy Diet

It is so important that we all eat healthy diets, not only to feel good, but to look great as well. When we are not eating healthy, we do not look healthy. Our hair and skin look dull, our fingernails are brittle and our eyes look tired and lifeless. But when we are getting all of the nutrients we need in our diet, it really does show and you will not only look better, but you will feel a whole lo... »

Micropile 101 – How Do Micropiles Work?

Cracks and settlement are facts of life when it comes to construction using concrete foundations. There have been many methods of repairing structures once they have settled, including helical piles, push piers and Micropiles. Each has it’s own uniqueness and applications where they should or should not be used. Helical piles are a simple and cost effective solutions to light weight structur... »

Don’t You Deserve the Best Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are an effective, easier to use than ever before, and a more comfortable seating option for people experiencing conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, or knee, hip, shoulder, joint problems and old age. Apart from that, lift chairs even offer considerable benefit to patients with stroke or those who are recuperating from a surgery. As a result of these benefits, more and mo... »

Inside Kenya – The Tribe of the Agikuyu

The history of the Agikuyu people has been passed on from generation to generation. The younger generation of the Agikuyu should be grateful and thankful of the older generation for having passed down the ways of the Agikuyu people from their beginnings and ways of life through word of mouth. The first parents of the Agikuyu, that is, Gikuyu and Mumbi lived in Mukurwe-ini wa Gathanga (a place that... »

Significant Hazards of Using Excavators on Construction Sites

I have spoken to many “would-be” plant operators who have stated that they have been driving the machines, or had a practice, or used the machine to do a small job because the driver was not around, and the keys were in the ignition. What I would like to suggest to Employers on Construction Sites, or self-employed operators of these machines is to review the work undertaken, and carry ... »