Hole In One Display Items

A hole in one victory is every golfer's source of pride and overwhelming joy. If you are one of the blessed few who have made an ace, whether as an amateur or professional golfer, you can probably relate to this. If you have triumphantly sent the ball into the hole with a single stroke, you can preserve this rare moment by keeping your golf memorabilia in display cases.

You can allocate a room in your house where you can display all the golf items related to your hole in one moment. Keep that special golf ball, golf club, golf scorecard, hole in one trophy, hole in one plaque and other golf equipment in a prominent place where you can relive your victory when you feel like it.

Stores that specialize in framing display items usually do the mounting for you. All you need to do is send the professional framers the items you want displayed. You can give these experts special instructions on how to arrange your golf memorabilia.

Prices of display items vary depending on the design of the display item and the material used. A simple rosewood display box for your golf ball is priced at around $ 38. Details of the event are usually engraved on a small metal plate that is positioned on the box.

Aside from actual golf memorabilia, you can also add framed hole in one photos of famous golfers or famous golf courses in your display room. Such photographs can be purchased at a price of $ 140 to $ 150.

To make your display room more attractive, you can add specially designed golf display items such as golf table lamps, sold from $ 59 to as much as $ 360; golf club floor racks and putter stands, available from $ 89 to $ 200; and golf wall clocks, that go from $ 49 to $ 175. More expensive display items are usually bigger in size, boast more intricate designs and are made of high-quality materials.