Hole In One Golf Trophies

Achieving a hole in one victory is exceptional. Not many professional golfers have achieved this in their entire golfing career. Whenever someone sends the golf ball into the hole with one stroke of the golf club, everybody rejoices. People remember such moments. If you are one of those who have scored a hole in one victory, you can hardly forget how amazing such an experience is.

A lot of players get so caught up in the moment that they miss keeping the lucky ball, golf club or other golf equipment and accessories used during that particular game. If you are one of those who neglected to keep any sort of souvenir from that special game, you can buy hole in one commemorative items such as hole in one golf trophies.

Trophies have long been used in sporting events to recognize players for their accomplishments. A hole in one trophy does not only represent the act of winning the game, but the honor bestowed upon the person who has made such a remarkable achievement. For the golfer who made an ace, a hole in one trophy serves as a reminder of that memorable day.

There is a great variety of hole in one golf trophies out there. They are available in novelty or golf equipment stores and display item shops. A simple handcrafted wooden trophy with a brass plate costs about $50. A small golf trophy mounted on a solid wood base is priced at about $74, while a bigger 16-inch golf trophy with a gold-plated golf ball mounted on a wood base sells for about $265.

Smaller trophies with a miniature sculpture of a golfer mounted on an acrylic base, usually five to 8 inches tall, are less expensive. They are sold from $6 to $14. They are usually finished in gold or pewter paint to resemble expensive figurines or sculptures.