Holidays in Sicily Villas

There are many different options for villa rentals in Sicily. One of the most popular is the seaside villas. Any property boasting a seaside location should either be on the ocean's edge or within a minute's walk to the water. Much of Sicily's coast line is of the sandy beach variety, but there are also areas speckled with rocky coves for those less inclined to sunbath and more inclined the watch the waves break across the shore. There is a huge variety of waterfront villas. Some are renovated stone farmhouses. Another used to be a frantoio, or olive-oil press. There is even an old castle available. The prices on some of these accommodations can be a bit steep, but since they sleep anywhere from five to fifteen, the cost can be split up between multiple friends or families.

Rental companies often designate some of their villas as family properties. These properties are generally larger, sometimes having sleeping accommodation for twenty people, and come with private pools and grounds. Many of them are located near child-friendly attractions such as Mount Etna and its theme park, Etna Land. On the north coast is Palermo, a town known for its puppet theatre. Regardless of the surrounding attractions, every family villa comes equipped with satellite television and a DVD player.

With its azure seas, craggy cliffs and stunning sunsets, Sicily is a natural location for a honeymoon. There are many smaller, but no less exquisite, Sicily villas available for newlyweds to find the romance they are looking for. These properties may be set on a private beach or amidst the rolling hills of vineyard country. Cleaning service will be weekly, instead of daily, to ensure maximum privacy. In addition to a pool, they will often boast a Jacuzzi.

For those, who wish to experience more of Sicily's city life – the villas in and around the famous town of Taormina are a perfect option. Taormina was made an integral part of the Grand Tour a couple hundred years ago, and since then, luminaries such as Goethe and Steinbeck have made Taormina villas their home away from home. Some of these villas are apartments in the restored historic city center, while others are just a short walk or drive away.

Whether you're looking for a family vacation, honeymoon retreat, or just a relaxing week in the sunshine, Sicily villas can meet all your holiday needs.