Holy Paladin Build

In the situation that a player such as yourself will enjoy pvp’ing alongside a teammate to crush an opposite allegiance while playing WoW Player versus player, a player like you could find a paladin PvP strategy incredibly helpful. The team with the holy paladin has a plethora of sneaky tricks against an opponent which include holy light and different blessings.

Signing up as the Healing Class doesn’t mean that a paladin have to go deep in the Paladin Tree; a few pallies who fight the battlegrounds PvP have attempted to combine Holy and Retribution and it is performing good for those pallies. However, in this Holy Pally talent tree this article will focus on is the Holy/Protection spec.

In the event that you’re ever up against a party with a talented Healing Paladin, It’s certain you have figured how bothersome plus it’s difficult to get rid of her.

Healing Spec

Spiritual Focus: you need to use Holy Light often, so this becomes very useful.

Healing Light: adds to the paladin’s healing power.

Pure of Heart: another talent to use when fighting Warlocks

Divine Intellect the talent is necessary.

Aura Mastery: an protection from silencing effects; nice since you are nothing without your spells.

Sanctified Light: chance to increase your healing with your attack.

Illumination: another mana talent.

Unyielding Faith: needs to be used when fighting casters.

Improved Concentration Aura: reduces how long a stun lasts.

Divine Favor: at any time you need better heals or offense.

Holy Power: another gain chance powering the Holy abilities.

Holy Shock: instantaneous dmg to an enemy or healing for your teammates.

Light’s Grace: Useful in last ditch effort situations.

Holy Guidance: increase your damage.

Divine Illumination: useful if you are going use a spell that costs a lot of mana like as Beacon of Light.

Holy pally talent build gives a lot of strategies to keep you and your allies out of danger; don’t just use your healing spells to keep the allies safe, use other abilities like Hand of Sacrifice.

If the pally can use the spells right, a paladin is able to raise the party’s survivability and aid them in winning against the opposing allegiance.

Using Hand of Sacrifice saves you from getting stuck in that sticky situation. In the case that a situation becomes full of danger, cast Beacon of Light on yourself and use holy spells on your group members.

Different Paladin battlegrounds manuals focus on unique playstyles, but I believe Holy Paladin gets a very important part in battlegrounds than the one that focuses on damage dealing. Another Holy Paladin Build can be found here.