Home Assembly Jobs

If you are a person who loves to work with your hands, you may be someone who thinks they could never find a job from home. Then you see those home assembly jobs advertised in the newspaper and online. It sounds tempting, right? Sure. The ads are written to be tempting, but they are almost all scams. Here are some ways to avoid the scams that peak our curiosity:

First you should learn about scams. Know what the common scams out there look like. Home assembly jobs are just one common scam, but so is envelope stuffing or money transfer scams. The reason they are so tempting has to do with our own desire to make money fast using little skill.

Almost all of these work from home scams prey on our desire to make money quickly. The ads are written using language that leads us to believe we can make thousands of dollars doing simple tasks. They usually tell you that there are no skills necessary to make the money. Then they often provide a large dollar amount and a few hours a week.

Some of these scams even create websites that have “testimonials” about how “So-and-So” made thousands doing just a few hours of work per week. Unfortunately, anyone can make up testimonials and buy pictures of people. Testimonials are a common advertising ploy, but with home assembly jobs they should really be questioned.

What many of the work at home assembly ads do not tell you is that there will be a fee involved for the “supplies” needed to complete the tasks. You will be send those supplies, which are never of the quality outlined in the advertisement. They usually come with vague directions about what you need to assemble. Sometimes you will be required to buy some of your own supplies, too.

The key to the home assembly jobs scams is that once you spend the money to send in your beautifully crafted objects, you will be told that they are not up to par. If you read closely, the company probably has a disclaimer that the crafts have to meet expectations for payment. No matter how simple the craft may be, it is not likely to ever “meet expectations.” So now you are out money and time.

That is what these home assembly jobs scams do. They steal your money and your time. If you like to work with your hands you are better off starting your own home based business doing the things you love to do with your hands. Your own business may cost you money to start up, but you will find that you will at least be in control of your money and not handing it off to someone who is planning to steal it.