Home Decor – What Colors Look Best in a North Facing Room

Selecting colors and decorating a room that is facing North can prove to be tricky. The room does not see any direct sunlight, so using bright colors becomes an essential design element so that you don’t end up with a dark and dingy space.

Using light and bright colors in a North facing room, helps to instantly transform any room that facing lighting challenges.

Some of the best base colors to bring new life into North facing rooms are:

Crystal Blue: This color gives you the look of a fresh summer sky or an aquatic setting. It allows more light into the room and gives the decor a fresh and airy quality.

Heather Gray: This color works best to set the stage for a cool and modern environment. By selecting a gray with a heather cast, it provides the lightness that you need without becoming drab and cold and too modernized.

Rose Pink: This color is beautiful and flattering no matter what room you use it in but especially North facing rooms. The key to finding the right shade of pink is to choose one that is a lighter shade so that it doesn’t come off looking like bubble gum on the wall.

Goldtone Neutrals: The golden tones are some of the easiest to use and match accessories A beautiful warm golden yellow would be brilliant in a North facing room. It would provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere while lightening the room against dark casts.

Moss Green: North facing rooms benefit from colors with strong pigments such as a smoky moss green. It is fresh and vibrant and makes the room decor seem energetic.

Once you have selected your base color for your walls, remember to keep your furniture and accessories in light coordinating colors. If you use dark colors in your accents or furniture, it will make your room seem darker and more closed in.