Home Decorating With Capiz Chandeliers

If you want more life in your living or dining room, then mounting a chandelier up your ceiling definitely gives it a more elegant look. But if you think that such a lighting fixture is only for million-dollar houses, think again. These days there are a lot of attractive and inexpensive chandeliers to choose from. From classic glass to exotic Capiz, your choices are endless.

Capiz chandeliers , compared to crystal and glass, are cheaper yet as elegant. The Capiz is a flat translucent shell, mostly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. Not limiting to chandeliers, Capiz shells are also made into lampshades, candle holders, and other house ornaments. When light passes through the Capiz, the shell effects a dim illumination that is cool to the eyes. This is why any fixture with Capiz shells is considered formal and classy.

When decorating rooms with Capiz chandeliers, you can enhance their natural beauty by infusing textures. Add trimmings with similar exercises like luster, translucency, and roundness. You may go for satin throw pillows in the room, or have window treatments such as sheer curtains. You may also add pieces that belong to the family of shells to give the room a sea-like look. Put a variety of other shells, pearls or other beads. With emphasis on the colors of your chandelier, another nice touch for the room will be a selection of accessories with tints and hues similar to those seen in the Capiz shells. Lastly, select rich fabrics to complement the color of the illumination and make the chandelier stand out. This way, the overall decor will give the room an air of regality and class.

By adding a chandelier and the right accents that are within your budget, your living or dining room will not only become presentable, but beautiful.