Home Decorations – Chandelier

The fixture which is mounted to the ceiling with decorative arms holding the lights are called chandeliers. Because of its design, chandeliers became a symbol of luxury and status. They are generally used in churches, hotels and mansions. These lighting fixtures can definitely enhance any room's interiors as it comes win an array of shapes, sizes and designs. Light bulbs, electric candles, wax candles of gaslights are chandelier's source of light. Picking the right chandeliers can definitely add elegancy to any room.

Hanging crystals, glass decorations from its arms, and sparkling effects of the lights makes crystal chandeliers the most emblematic type. In elegant, classic and romantic hotels and mansions usually found this type of chandeliers. Its beauty would surely captivate and notice by the visitors. This is the most popular and the most expensive type of all hanging lighting fixture.

Shell chandelier on the other hand is very much alike with crystal chandelier but this one uses shells or beads instead of crystals. The most common piece of this type of chandelier is Capiz shell. It is known of its quality and elegance and popular of all shell chandeliers. This type can also use shells which are usually found in beaches like turbans, limpets, scallops and cowries.

If you are looking for excellent lighting fixtures for your antique houses and churches, then you might want to have metal chandeliers. This is the strongest type among any other chandelier because it is made from brass, brushed nickel and wrought iron. Its design can be classic or modern. The arms are typically S-shaped or curved.

Meanwhile, Murano glass chandelier originated from the island of Murano, Venice, Italy. Skillful Italian glass makers crafted these. Its style is curvy made fully from blown glass. Nowadays, it called Murano to indicate a style than a place of origin. It is an exquisite piece of art with many colors that will surely amaze your eyes with elegant, beautiful and unique designs. Wealthy people usually have this kind of property.

Made from antlers, branches and twigs, these are what rustic chandeliers are made of. The antlers typically come from deer, elk and moose. One would need to have patience to build this chandelier because you will put together bulk of various pieces to create a work of art. It has a unique look and serves as an excellent piece and creating a unique look in the room. You can add wax candles or electric candles on it. A lot of people want this rare design. This type of chandeliers is normally found in places like mountain lodges or nature-typed of home.

In medieval places of assembly, candle chandeliers can found and considered as the earliest type. The first style of this is a wooden cross with number of nails than hold the candles. It was hoisted to a convenient height on a rope or chain dangled from a hook. Candle chandelier still exists nowadays but have different or modern design. Typically, electric bulbs or electric candles are installed in chandelier. Wax candles installed in a chandelier are different because it adds a nice romantic touch to a room. It gives a relax feeling compared to the harassing electrical light that we are used to. No matter what type of room is it, the glitter of wax candle chandelier is amazing.