Home Exteriors – Dressed To Sell

There are certain areas of the country where staging your home for sale is easier then others due to the weather and natural beauty of the area. Orange County in California is a fantastic example of one of these areas. As Orange County is a big place, let's narrow that down a bit to say that Laguna Niguel is a fantastic candidate for home staging success. Home staging becomes so much easier when there are beautiful days where doing some yard work is desirable as opposed to some areas where a day of yard work is a chilly prospect.

With the amazing weather that is present for most of the year in Laguna Niguel, the exterior of a home is quite important and gets much more use than homes in some areas of the country. Yards have the distinct ability to sell a home on first sight. One can tell a lot about a home from the care with which the yard is maintained. If the yard is full of junk and debris, the lawn unkempt and bushes un-trimmed, chances are that the home has been treated in a similar fashion. First impressions are made and broken on the home's exterior.

In creating a beautiful facade for your home there are several elements that must be taken into account. Separate your yard into sections like lawn & gardens, home itself and finishing touches. Once you have determined your plan of attack, make lists of the things that need replacing or fixing and set to it! Most of these things will be able to be done without much expenditure save for painting the home if necessary. If you think it's necessary, then it probably is. The place where you can really make a big difference is in the finishing touches. These do not have to be huge things, in fact it's better if they are not. Remember, people notice little thoughtful touches, especially home buyers. If you have managed to create a few things that stick out in buyer's minds then this process has been successful.