Home Interiors

Most of us live in houses that were designed and built for a population which had a lifestyle which was poles apart from our own modern lives which although we have endless modern appliances to make housework so much easier we lack the time to live our lives in such a way as to be most beneficial to our souls and that is why our homes are so important as the very lynchpin/hub of our lives – it should be a nest/retreat for the whole family that no matter what life throws at us there is somewhere to escape to which is both comfortable and functional.

Imagine you are a stranger in your home for the first time what are your impressions? Is your home welcoming? Is it fresh and light? No two people have identical tastes and preferences. In rooms that have personal meaning, awareness of space and ease of access we experience uplifted spirits

Rooms should follow a basic theme to function most effectively such as eating and sleeping. In very basic terms a bedroom should be calming and peaceful, a kitchen bright warm and practical, a sitting room comfortable and relaxing and bathroom tranquil. The reality of interior design is that very few of us can afford to change all our furniture and accessories each time we re-decorate or move or would even want to.

The secret to making the most of an interior scheme is being able to place all the odd ball collection of furniture and soft furnishings and pictures that you wouldn’t be without in such positions as best suit both the appearance of the room and your lifestyle so you will have not only an attractive but functional room.

There is no such thing as the perfect house. When you were looking for a new property and decided on the one you are living in there would almost certainly have been an area or some part of it which you weren’t happy with but were prepared to compromise on the basis that it fulfilled most of what you needed. There are certain things that cannot be changed such as transforming a terraced house into a detached property but there are ways in which you can expand your house upwards, downwards or even backwards. By simply using different colours you can create symmetry and space in a room or re-arranging the furniture. Good storage, decorating and lighting tricks can make a world of difference without going to the expense and inconvenience of moving.

One thing you can be sure of, if you leave everything exactly how it is year on year you will fail to see it in the end.