Home Lighting – Will Modern Technology Advances Help LED Lighting Take Over?

Scientists and engineers are working to improve led lighting. The US government is pushing them to get rid of the ordinary light bulb. The normal light bulb is an energy waster. It turns a mere five percent of the electricity it uses into actual light. Ninety-five percent is wasted as heat.

Currently the Department of Energy is working to replace light bulbs with solid-state lighting. Led lighting attains a fifty percent efficiency versus five percent for light bulbs. Solid state lighting emits diodes like the ones in digital clocks, phones, dashboards and large outdoor uses such as stadium displays.

These devices are made of silicon crystals used in computer chips. They are non-hazardous and last thousands of hours. Some are rated to last for years. Since they are so efficient, they can greatly reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting purposes while reducing pollution.

As the technology develops, the cost will be reduced. This must happen for the lighting to move ahead. Solid-state lighting is four times more expensive to install at this time. You can install traditional light sources for a fraction of the cost.

Congress authorized $50 million a year for a Next Generation Lighting Initiative. The government is pushing to improve the quality of the technology to make it more efficient than it is and more affordable for the average American family.