Home Projects With Wood Dowels

Woodworking is a really fun hobby to get into. Your creations can be used for years or even generations to come. Many people find serenity in working with natural materials, like wood. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, there is a woodworking project that will fit your skill level.

Wood dowels, or dowel rods, are an inexpensive tool for making some improvements around the home and can make for some really quick and easy projects. There are so many things that you can make using dowels. Most dowel projects do not require a lot of skill or experience and even children will enjoy helping you with some of these home projects and crafts.

If you’re looking for an easy place to start, especially if you’re working with a child, you might want to try your hand at kite-making. With kites, you can keep it simple with a basic cross, or work your way up to intricate kites with multiple geometric compartments.

Another thing you can make is a quick and easy shoe rack. Dowels can be used to make a place for the shoe to rest. You will most likely only need a couple of dowels for the bottom of the rack. More can be used to add additional shelves to expand the rack. The floating shoe rack is really popular right now. You simply install two dowels about three or four inches apart, one on top and one directly beneath it. The toe of your shoe will slide right between the dowels and the shoes will stay, suspended from the dowels. These shoe racks are sleek to put in a closet and you can barely see them when they’re not in use.

Dowels can be used to make all sorts of pegs around the home. Many people like to try their hand at woodworking by building something simple, like a shelf. You can use dowel rods to add intricacy to your shelf. You can use them as towel or blanket hangers, as a hanging bar for coats, or to build in pegs for hanging scarves and hats.

Dowels are popular in kitchen projects, too. You can install dowel rods on the inside of your cabinets or cabinet doors. These can be used to hold lids, dish towels, boxes of foil or plastic wrap, or anything else that is slender or flat. Dowels can be used to create interesting wine racks or wine glass holders underneath your top cabinets.

There are many more projects that you can do with dowels or dowel rods. With your imagination and a little patience, you can create all sorts of things while enjoying the hobby of woodworking with dowels.