Home Security Tips

Do you have a security system for your home? Many people think of burglar alarms as a security system, but they are only one component of security. A complete system requires a number of components. Following these tips will help you develop a more comprehensive security plan for your home.

Remove Temptation:

While we are all proud of our homes, it is important to remember to keep the contents of your home private. Retail stores know the best way to lure walk-in traffic to their stores is to prominently display their merchandise in the windows. Do not tempt would-be intruders. Keep curtains and blinds drawn in the evening and whenever you are out of the house, burglar is more likely to break into your home if he is certain there is something he wants inside.

It may seem obvious, but keep all doors locked 24/7. What could be more tempting than leaving an open door (or window) to your valuables? You should also avoid leaving things in your yard that could be used to gain entry to your home. Items like ladders, that could be used to reach an open window or large rocks and loose bricks, that could be heaved through a window, need to be removed.

But Not Too Private:

We all value our privacy, and while this almost seems like a contradiction to the first point, it is important that your house be visible from the street. Fences, tall hedge rows, and secluded entry ways may give homeowners a sense of privacy and even security. However, they actually provide criminals with cover in order to do their business without being noticed by neighbours and passers-by.

Planting large shrubs and trees near windows and doors can also provide desirable cover for intruders, this should be avoided.

Many intruders prefer to act under the cover of darkness. You can avoid this by ensuring that your property, particularly near entry-points, is well lit. In these energy conscious times, motion sensor activate lights are a good option. Ensure that they are place in such a way that they will pick-up motion from all points in your yard, light up entry points, and are out of reach (so that lights cannot be broken or removed).

Make Entry Points Difficult to Attain:

Take a look at your doors and windows. Are they easily reached? Are they hidden from view? Ensure that benches, sheds, trees, playscapes and other lawn décor are not providing a ladder for intruders to reach windows.

Consider planting thorny bushes, such as roses, in front of windows that are easy to reach from ground level.


There is a reason for burglar alarms being so loud:No intruder wants to be announced!

Create a little noise in your yard and an intruder may not bother getting to the point of triggering your alarm. Consider hanging wind-chimes near entrances and a sturdy bell on gates. Loose decorative stone or gravel near ground floor and basement window could create enough noise to be a deterrent as well as creating a less secure footing for one trying climb into a window.

Barriers and Deterrents

Knowing that your home has a burglar alarm will deter break-and-enter. However, many criminals know that if nobody is home they can trip the alarm and still get a lot of work done before police will arrive.

To stop these brazen intruders, you need to create security barriers to your entry points: doors and windows. Conventional (and valuable) security barriers include: Window locks and deadbolt locks on doors as well as burglar bars on basement windows. It is important to ensure that bars meet with your local fire and building codes.

Newer to the marketplace are fold-away security gates that do the same job as burglar bars but tuck away when you do not need them for a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel. These are particularly valuable for patio doors which are notorious weak-points in terms of security.

Security window films act like invisible bars for your windows. These polyester films go on much like window tint, but through bonding actually make glass nearly impossible to penetrate. An intruder can smash away at the glass without breaking through, and in the process make so much noise that they are sure to attract attention. Window security films should be considered for vulnerable doors with windows and sidelights. It is quite common for a thief to smash out these small windows, then reach in and unlock the door.

Many break-and-enters occur by breaking down the front or side door. Consider installing a door protection sleeve and plate system that will make it much harder to kick-in your exterior doors. These are virtually unnoticeable, but very effective, increasing door strength by up to ten times.

Consult a Professional

If in doubt, contact your local police department or security service provider. Many will offer free resources or consultation services.

A thief’s greatest weapons are seclusion and ease and speed of access, variables that are actually in your hands. Remove cover and create barriers with locks, window security films, burglar bars and security gates and you will make your home a far less tempting target for break-and-enter.