Home Theater LCD Projectors

The most important aspects of a home LCD projector are its feasibility and efficiency, combined with its usefulness. Compared to the CRT projectors, an LCD chip is amazingly small. An LCD projector is also a viable option in terms of power consumption, which is quite low.

LCD home theater projectors are ideal for business presentations, since they operate successfully in rooms where light is insufficient. An LCD projector is also the most viable and admirable choice for home theater use. One of the key features that make LCD projectors popular is that they are reasonably priced compared to CRT types.

However, the home theater LCD projector is not free from limitations. An LCD projector can frequently display "" the screen door effect ". As the screen consists of separate pixels, the pixels can be evident on a big screen, thereby giving the illusion of seeing the image through a "" screen door "".

An LCD chip consistors of a section of different pixels, and in the event of one pixel burning out it presents an irritating black or white blotch on the projected image. Separate pixels can not be restored, and if a single pixel burns out or the number is greater, the complete chip has to be changed.

One of the critical factors that should be given adequate emphasis is the fact that the LCD light source in an LCD projector must be replaced from time to time according to the use of the projector. The ideal time to effect the necessary change should be after every 1,000 to 2,000 hours of use. However, the cost can be quite high, going up to a few hundred dollars. Changing the bulb also has its own advantages, since a fresh lamp refines the brightness and contrast, and the user can fit bulbs without much difficulty.