Home Theater Lighting

It is ideal for home theaters to deploy indirect lighting, placed just behind the TV screen. However, this is not achievable in many cases. The next best thing is soft light off to the side. Total darkness is as bad as excessive light. While too much light tends to wash out the pictures, too little light can cause eyestrain. When lighting your home theater, try to attain a balance between what is best for the system and what is best for you. Consider the use of dimmer switches. They can alter the ambient level of light and are comparatively inexpensive and easy to install. There are models that are controlled by remote controls, and they make for a romantic setting.

Pegasus Associates, one of the foremost companies in the area of ​​home theater lighting, provides several choices for home theaters that include a fiber optic star ceiling kit, dimmers, recessed lighting, as well as LED pathway lights.

The company also provides over 100 models of Lutron dimmers that are perfect lighting systems using magnetic low voltage transformers, low voltage transformers or no transformers at all.

Pegasus Associates Lighting has also come up with a fiber optic star ceiling kit that makes the ceiling come alive with numerous stars. Ceilings illuminate with star points through this stimulating architectural lighting effect in home theaters, bathrooms, play rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, entryways, dining rooms, etc. This same system is ideal for merchandising displays and trade show exhibits.

The company offers 4 diverse LED, in-wall nightlights that include a louver model and an outlet model.

Also, Pegasus Associates offers a broad variety of line voltage and low voltage recessed lighting accessories and fixtures.