Homemade Penis Pump – Warnings on Using a Homemade Penis Pump

It is a reality that all men want to have bigger penises, which results to the creation of homemade penis pumps. For a fact, not all men have the guts to go to a sex store and buy a gadget to enlarge their sex organs. This results in either purchasing the sex item online or researching details on how to make your own pumping gadget.

How to Make a Homemade Penis Pump

Learning how to make your own pump will save you money and let you experience the feeling of pumping your penis before you decide to actually purchase the real thing. Follow the steps below to make your own penis enlarger pump:

1. Look for an aquarium gravel cleaner with around 2 inches cylinder size. One with a flat end should be used. You can also buy this item at any pet store in your area.

2. Use an electrical tape to wrap the bottom of the cylinder until you have an around 1/8-inch ring. Let the tape extend a bit beyond the edge of the tube. This will later serve as the comfort ring of your home-made penis pump.

3. Cut several 1-inch long electrical tapes and place this around the ring you have created, placing one tip on the outside and the other tip on the inside. Overlap each tape above the previous one. This serves as a comfort ring so you don’t get injured when you use your pump.

4. Place a vacuum on the other end of the tube to suck out air from the home-made penis enlarger pump.

Now you have your very own pump which you can use to get a feel of how a pump works!

Take note that there are several disadvantages when you choose to use the pump that you have created:

Disadvantages of a Home-Made Penis Pump

1. Because the pump does not have a pressure reader, you might be applying the wrong pressure.

2. Excessive pressure may cause blood vessels to burst.

3. Lack of pressure or loose edges will not let you get the desired effect.

4. Because aquarium tubes are very fragile, severe injury may result if the glass breaks.

If you do not have enough money to buy a real pump, consider natural penis exercises which are safer and cost-effective. Making a home-made penis pump is actually fun. But if you apply the wrong pressure, use the wrong equipment or break the material used, then you’ll know that penis pumping is no fun at all.