Homemade Solar Power Systems – Solar Panels – Residential

Rising oil and gas prices, the price of electricity and your bills will not stop increasing. Individuals who have created their own homemade renewable energy systems have come up with do it yourself DIY solar panels following energy saving guides and manuals.

Essentially, these solar packages contain all the information such as the complete solar power system, how to make solar panels, setup plans and instructions necessary for you to build a solar panel from material found around the home and parts bought conveniently from hardware stores.

In fact, most DIY power systems can be assembled for less than $180. There are about a dozen of such renewable energy packages available from the internet.

Solar Guides followed a set criteria:

1. Easy To Understand Directions.

Made sure that these directions to be concise and explain the details of solar system clearly. They need to be so easy that someone of a non-technical background can understand and suitable for any home.

2. Economical To Make.

The solar energy system discussed in the guides must be economical to make. By that, the components must be affordable and within a small budget for building a complete home power system. Cheaper the better.

3. Energy Saving

Efficiency has to be the most important factor to consider. After all, we are using these renewable energy guides to make do it yourself DIY solar and windmill power system for our homes.

By that, we wanted to make sure that we can achieve maximum energy savings. This of course translates to a lower home electricity bill. Solar energy package works for any home with all the necessary setup instructions, proven energy savings, delivers results and has first class solar energy information.

The solar package illustrates the entire installation process in a clear step-by-step format that enables you to build it within 2/4 days or over a weekend by someone with absolutely no knowledge about solar power and wind power energy systems.