Homemade Survival Kit

A survival kit is very important to each one of us. Survival kit contains basic instruments and supplies used for emergencies. Most of aircraft like military aircraft and space craft are equipped with the survival kit, and also lifeboats. People who work in the remote areas, like forestry workers, bush pilots, or surveyors are also equipped with survival kit. People lived in the places prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities have their disaster supplies kit. Survival kit is also called as bug-out bags (BOBs), Personal Relocation Kits (PERK) or get out of dodge kits, where are placed on backpacks or duffel bags. The homemade survival kit is very handy for any kind of emergencies.

The homemade survival kit is intended purposely to be handy for any emergency situations. These kits usually contain supplies, like food, water, medical supplies, clothing, communication devices and other tools used for emergency purposes. Here are some certain tools and supplies of survival kit.

For shelter or warmth

o Tube tent

o Reflective aluminum space blanket to maintain the heat of the body

o Lightweight poncho for rain protection

o Mosquito net

o Magnifying glass that can be used in producing fire

o Lighter or waterproof matches

o Butane or kerosene fuel

o Polarized eyewear

o Thick brimmed hat

o Cable saw that can be used in cutting woods in building a shelter

For health and first aid

o First aid kit that contains bandages, sterile gauze and pads, surgical scissors, first aid tape, disinfectant pads, oxytetracycline and aspirin

o Insect repellent

o Soap

o Toilet paper

o Feminine hygiene supplies

o Prescribed medications

o Rubbing alcohol

o Lip balm

o Hydrogen peroxide

o Epinephrine

o Sunscreen with 30 SPF or more

For food and water

o For 3 day water and food supply

o Iodine tablets used for water purification

o Edible salts for food and can be used in brushing the teeth also

o Empty water bags or containers

o Canned foods

o Tools for fishing

o Gum, hard candy, and tea

For money purposes

o Small value of money and coins

o Credit card

For signaling, navigation and reference

o Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs)

o Flashlights, torch, candle, or glow stick

o Surveyors orange tape

o Pen and paper

o Signal mirror, smoke illumination flares, and whistle

o Compass, GPS navigation gear

o Maps

o Survival guidebook

For multipurpose tools or supplies

o Swiss knife

o Gerber or Leatherman style multi tool

o Hobo knife

o Sharpening stone

o Cable saw or folding saw

o Thread or needle

o Plastic bags or garbage bags

o Durable aluminum foil

o Strong cord or 550 parachute cord

o Firearms and ammunition

These homemade survival kit supplies and tools are very essential for emergency purposes and other calamity conditions. These are very useful especially when you are situated on remote areas. The survival kit is very handy for ay basic needs. With this survival kit, you will be safe from any harm.