Homemade Tip on How to Clean Your Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings give you the much needed protection from the fiery sun and not only that, it gives you the chance to save your money compared to centralizing your entire home with air conditioning. These awnings can be left outside your home regardless of the weather. The only problem is when they get a little dirty.

The top of the mind is to hire a professional cleaner who would clean them for you. Your second idea should be to get a power washer to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated on them. But did you know you could damage the aluminum awnings because of that?

The power washer can create a lot of damage especially if your Aluminum awnings are coated with paint. A quick fix would be painting it all over again, but this kind of idea would cost you a lot too. The best and least expensive way to clean the awnings is to do it yourself. This task is more or less easy and which your whole family could also do.

The materials that would be needed are not at all expensive since all you need is one large bucket, a soft brush that is attached to a pole that you could be able to reach high places without climbing a ladder, rags, solvent intended for cleaning and running water from a hose.

Mix the solvent with water to dip your brush and thoroughly scrub all the visible awnings that you have. Just make sure you hose down the area first with water and make sure it does not dry up before you hose it down with water. When you are finished hosing and still could see some places that were not reached by the water, get a ladder and rinse it. Leaving the solvent there would take you back to where you started once more.