Homemade Wind Generators and the Benefits of Switching to Wind Power

The advantage of a homemade wind generator is multi-fold. Though on one hand, it reduces the dependence on traditional methods of generating power and reduces our monthly bills on the other we can do our part in saving the environment, since it is one of the cleanest and endless sources of power today. Basically, a homemade wind generators consists of DC motor, blades, a hub and a tower. The best part is that if you want to switch to wind power and start living off grid then you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new commercial wind turbine when you can simply build your own in your own backyard for no more than $ 200.

The most important part of a wind turbine is the tower. The higher its tower the more amount of energy that is being generated. After all, the height of the tower is constrained by the cost and the look. Thus a higher and more aesthetic tower will cost you slightly more than a shorter tower. Another thing to keep in mind is that the system will not work efficiently if it is not connected to the ground properly. This is mainly because, if it is flexible, its height can be altered to suit the wind patterns of the day. In case of extremely bad weather or lightning, it can be removed and kept safely to avoid damage.

Other primary concerns are the location of the wind tower. It's an absolute waste if it were surrounded by trees or buildings or anything else that blocks the free flow of wind. Finally, the power of the wind towers must be taken into consideration. For a given specification, only a maximum allowed speed of the wind is bearable. If the speed exceeds that, it tends to get damaged. Selecting a proper location for your wind turbine will reflect on its effectiveness. Anyone can build their own homemade wind generator to start saving on their monthly bills, all you need is a solid DIY wind power guide to assist you throughout the project. There are several DIY guides online that you should consider, however it is recommended that you choose one that comes with a customer support in case you run any troubleshooting.