Honda Contract Hire – Previewing The Honda Range

The Accord saloon is available with a choice of two petrol engines, the2.0Litre, 5 speed or the 2.4Litre 5 speed. There is also the highly efficient and powerful turbo diesel 2.2Litre engine.

The Accord’s reliability is second to none according to the customer satisfaction survey published by the independent JD Power organisation. There is also a generous equipment level including cruise and climate controls and alloy wheel trims. This is a very roomy small car with a good amount of boot space.

Honda’s little baby is the Jazz, a sure footed town car with spirited performance from its 1.2Litre or 1.4Litre petrol engines. Which don’t lack power but are capable of excellent mpg, and are considered to be very reliable. Standard features include two front airbags and anti-lock brake systems; the SE Sport version is also equipped with side impact air bags.

The CR-V with a 2.2-litre diesel engine giving up138bhp is a popular model in the range with an, as standard, manual, 6 speed gearbox. This 4X4 has great off-road capabilities combined with smooth regular road use. Its bulk and height give it a very safe and secure feeling. The gear lever is conveniently situated on the dash; upper end spec models also have a very useful rear view camera, for added safety.

Some models also include ES Trim packs and alloy wheels with back and front parking sensors. Luggage space is the largest in its class, with plenty of headroom for back and front seat passengers. Honda contract hire can put you behind the wheel of this great vehicle at a price you can afford.

Honda’s Legend Saloon comes equipped with just one choice of engine, that is not a drawback when it’s the impressive V6 3.5Litre putting out 291bhp, married to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. Add in the standard permanent 4-wheel-drive set up and this car was made to be driven hard.

The Legend is designed to compete on a level field with the mighty 5 series BMW’s. Standard executive refinements include, all leather upholstery, a powered sunblind for rear passenger comfort, dual climate controls. There is even a new intelligent system for the cruise control that keeps the car within lanes.

The S2000 is an exiting sports model that delivers 237bhp for hair raising open top driving excitement. Its 2-seater cockpit setup gives the feel of a real sports car, with an absolute no frills feel, apart from its luxurious leather interior, and top of the range CD player, essential for cruising down winding country lanes.

Whichever vehicle you choose, Honda car leasing is a highly cost effective way to finance the best that this forward thinking manufacturer has to offer. From the nippy Jazz to the awesome power of the Legend, Honda contract hire is the place to go.