Hong Kong the City (Lantau Island – The Wisdom Path)

Continuing with Hong Kong the city (Landau Island)


Situated on the south east of Ngong Ping the Wisdom Path is a monument to the people of Hong Kong given to them by professor Jan Tsung-i.

The monument consist of 38 timber inscribed columns with the words of the Heart Sutra. These timber columns are between 8 and 10 meters high and are set out in a figure of eight. Professor Jan Tsung-i discovered while on a trip to china the Buddhist stone carving on mount Taisham in Shandong. Inspired by the carvings he set about to create a calligraphic work of the Heart Sutra because this sutra is by Buddhists, Confucians and Taoist considered a treasure.

The Heart Sutra is a pray used by Buddhists, it is one of many but believed to be the main one. The sutra has a full title, Prajna-Paramita heart sutra which is a Sanskrit term, the word Prajna describe wisdom the word Paramita describes perfection. We have the heart (buddha) and wisdom and perfection. The title then reads “The Perfection of Wisdom of the Buddha.” This is the prayer of the Sutra and each column has a selection of that prayer.

Heart Sutra is the best written Mahayana Sutra but it is the shortest at only 260 words. Under standing the Heart Sutra one will find very difficult, its readings are in such a way difficult, because of the profound doctrine. Reading and meditation if persisted will in time lead you to find the Secret of the Universe, it is in there you just have to find it to truly understand.

The columns are set out in a figure of eight, why not square or any other position. The reason the figure of eight on its side means ‘Infinity” and they are set out as well in such a way to adhere to the landscape. The single column at the top has no inscription the reason for that, written in the Sutra is the word Sunyatta which has a meaning of emptiness, so the column means emptiness.

The Wisdom Path is only 15 minute walk from Ngong Ping along a wooded path, its a gentle walk and its a sight worth seeing, understanding may be more difficult.

My next article will be on Po Lin Monastery