Hoover SteamVac Parts

Should there be a need for you to replace parts of your Hoover Steamvac unit, the online retail store of the Vacuum Cleaner Shop offers the complete replacement parts for the following models: F7205-900, F7220-900, F7210-900, F7221-900 , F7225-900, F7226-900, F7426-900, F7425-900, F7441-980, F7440-980, and F7430-900.

An illustration is available for reference. There are about 72 parts available for sale, which are classified into the top section and the bottom section. In the top section, the upper handle assembly is not readily available but can be ordered. The set of 2 switch buttons is offered at USD 4.39. Switch rods, for a set of 2, is offered at less than USD 4. The rinse switch is sold at a higher price of USD 9. The tool holder cover is only available for F7220-900 models & up and F7425-900 models & up. The control lever and the cord wrap are both sold under USD 4, while the upper rear handle is sold at USD 7.79. The turbine upholstery nozzle sells at USD 68.69 while the tool caddy is offered at USD 17.89.

Items that are priced under USD 10 for parts in the bottom section start off with the threaded assembly assembly and the twist cap assembly. There is a slight price difference between the two wherein the latter is more expensive. Images of both are available for comparison. The solution tank handle and the recovery tank handle are sold at less than USD 8. The left & right recovery tank latch, motor cover, motor seal, O-ring, cord hose hook, left & right hand trunnion bracket, right hand solenoid cover , turbine actuator arm, indicator knob, float, and float retainer are all priced at less than USD 4.

Even if you opt to buy the solution tank assembly, the solution tank handle will not be included. For the recovery tank lid, however, the float and float retainer are included in the purchase. These are the also expensive parts to purchase as these are sold between USD 20 to USD 50.

Nozzles for models that begin with F7205-900 up to F7226-900 sell at USD 79.99, while those between F7425-900 and F7441-980 cost USD 90.50 each. Turbine assembly for F7205-900 up to F7226-900 models sells at USD no less than USD 54 while Turbine assembly that begin from F7425-900 are cheaper at below USD 35. Hood assembly for all models is sold at a constant price of USD 43.49 .

The main body and main body front panel for the F200 series are sold at USD 32.59. The same price applies to F7400-900 series. Only the main body front panel for models that are included in the F400 series is available at a cheaper price of USD 10.

All solution valves for both pressure and gravity have the same price of USD 18.99.

Other items that are not shown in the illustration are the power cord, the upholstery hose assembly, the upholstery nozzle, and the bare floor tool for all models.