Horse Blankets – About Its Past History and Now

Horse blankets intentions have changed tremendously over the course of time. These blankets were not first thought of to be used for horses and where more of an ordinary all-purpose daily item. Not only their intentions had changed but their construction and fabrics as well.

The history of horse blankets can be dated back to the Native American culture. Initially, horse blankets were used by Native American Indians for staying warm, rugs, spiritual ceremonies and other traditional usage. Blankets were also exchanged for possessions. It was a common practice to trade these blankets to other tribes and outsiders. Spanish foreigners used these blankets as buffer for their saddles or as protection between rider and horse.

Native American Indians spent a lot of their time developing horse blankets, which were woven by hand using wool cloth. The wool had to be cleaned and spun before the development of weaving could start. Dyes were produced by using plants and vegetables for a mixture of beautiful colors. Some horse blankets were woven smaller to be used with saddles.

To the present day, Native American Indians still hand weave horse blankets. One of the most sought after styles of blankets made is the Navajo blanket. These blankets are made with bright inks of earth blend colors and most times have fringed ends. Real Navajo horse blanket details diamond patterns and are desired for its simple, beautiful quality.

Tracking a real horse blanket in today’s market can be hard and pricey. Horse blankets from the 1800’s and early 1900’s are few because they were actively used and wore out easily. People who desire to purchase authentic horse blankets sometimes use them as keepsakes or a decorative piece to their home or office.

Available, on the market are diverse fabrics and colors. There are some companies that will personalize your blanket and sheets to the size of your horse or match the blanket color to your barn. A lot of people choose to use blankets that are waterproof and have snap or Velcro closures. In the warmer months, people will buy sheet coolers to assist their horse with heat exposure.

From past to present, horse blankets are a highly cherished item. From collection pieces to everyday practical usage, horse blankets will always have an interesting history.