Horse Games – Board Games

Board games are an interesting alternative to online horse games. While specialty games may not always be high quality, some are actually quite fun. While not all horse themed board games are aimed at children, for example the horse race games, others are an enjoyable way for children to share their love of horses with friends.

Race games are probably the most common horse themed game, but they are more geared to adults. These game simulate the race track, allowing for betting and ownership of various horses depending on how in depth the game is. These can make a fun night for grown up parties, but may not be appropriate for young children.

Other horse games focus more on trivia, with movement around the board largely secondary. If your child is obsessed with everything horse, this may be a fun opportunity to show off what she knows or even to learn more interesting facts. It is also a nice alternative to more adult trivia games that may leave younger children feeling left out.

A few board games with horses actually have slightly more complicated gameplay. There are a few that allow the players to take the position of a rancher, collect a herd of horses, and chose events to embark on with the herd. These games encourage a little more imagination and may be more stimulating for your child.

The other option is to go with an old favorite based around a horse theme. The horse edition of monopoly takes the traditional game and places it in the world of horse ownership, rather than property procurement. This might make the game more fun for children who have not yet found any kind of interest in real estate.

Horse games, whether they be online or in board game format are often a staple of childhood. The horse phase is well known in many little girls and it can be rewarding to nurturer this passion.