Hosted PBX Small Business Phone Numbers

Hosted PBX small business phone numbers are an ideal choice for SOHO company owners who wish to expand their business beyond their present region of operation in an economic way. These hosted PBX phone numbers help small businesses as well as medium businesses to achieve an impressive corporate address in addition to a professional image. With a hosted VoIP PBX system, companies can handle their businesses in various geographical locations without relocating over there.

Virtual phone numbers can be acquired from the service providers of hosted PBX systems. You can choose local and toll free numbers with the area code of your preferred location. While local numbers create the impression that your small business is a local one, toll free numbers can suggest a nationwide presence. Calls to these numbers will be diverted to the appropriate destination by the virtual IP PBX system. You can receive calls on your mobile handset, residential receiver or any other number of your choice.

The callers are not charged anything extra for making calls to these numbers even if they are long distance calls. The calls are transmitted through dedicated phone lines or high bandwidth internet connection, so the communication cost is much less with a virtual IP system when compared to the conventional phone system. If the calls remain unattended even after several rings, they will be routed to the voicemail system.

The hosted PBX phone system is equipped with cutting edge features which are found on expensive communication systems implemented by large conglomerates. The high-end features that one can receive along with hosted PBX small business phone numbers include:

o Auto attendant
o Virtual receptionist
o Caller ID
o Find me-follow me call forwarding
o Music on hold
o Voicemail
o Fax to email

The auto attendant can be programmed to greet your clients with a professional sounding greeting message. Moreover, the auto attendant system presents the callers with a menu of options such as dial by name, dial extension, group dialing and zero out to live operator. These sophisticated interfaces presented to the callers help in strengthening the image of a flourishing company.

The cost of implementation of a virtual PBX system is less as you are not required to install any expensive equipment at your concessions. The service provider handles all the upgrades and maintenance tasks as well. So, companies can save huge amounts by opting for hosted PBX small business phone numbers.