Hosting a Grand Opening Party

Opening a new business is a scary and involves a lot of hard work, especially in the current economy. More than ever, people who are brave enough to start out on a new venture need as much help in spreading the word of their new business as they can possible get. And many experts agree that a business’ grand opening is a vital day and pretty accurate assessment of what its future will hold. In other words, many people believe that the more successful and busy your grand opening is, the healthier and stronger business you will have. So how do you have a big, attractive grand opening party, one that attracts plenty of people, keeps them around for a little while, and gets them talking to their friends about this great new place they found? There are a couple of ways through inflatable rental balloons and party tent rentals.

First things first. In order for your potential customers to turn into regular clientele, they have to first notice your business and be attracted to it, wanting to come in to see what services or goods you are providing. One of the best ways to do that is with outdoor inflatable balloons. Inflatable outdoor rental balloons are fun and can communicate a lot simply by their shape and a short, well-worded banner attached to their front. Besides being able to add a banner communicating a short message about your new business and what it is providing to the public, it is a good idea to have the banner and inflatable ad made in bright colors. The best eye catching colors are reds, oranges and yellows. But be sure to choose a color and inflatable rental balloons that compliment your business, branding, and logo designs and colorings. You don’t want to draw negative attention on your grand opening in a “its so horrible I just can’t look away”. The more unique your and relevant your inflatable ad is, the better it will be at convincing people to not drive by your grand opening party, but to instead stop and check things out. And, depending on what type of banner and inflatable balloon you get, both could be used for future promotions as well, making it a great investment for your business. 

Secondly, once you have people’s attention and have convinced them that it is worth their while to stop, you want to keep them around for your grand opening. Your business will start off on a great foot if you have lots of people and if they all enjoy sticking around. The more fun and the more information a potential customer gathers from your grand opening party, the more they will talk favorably about your new business. Depending on what time of year your grand opening is and what your local weather is like, remember that its common sense that if people are comfortable (as opposed to hot and sweaty, or cold and shivering), they will have longer attention spans and remember their stop at your new business more fondly. Many grand openings are crowded occasions, meaning that plenty of people are standing around in your parking lot. A good idea to help keep those people comfortable and around longer enjoying your grand opening party is to have a party tent rental set up. Tent rentals provide shade from the sun, block out some of the cold winds, and keep people dry from rain.