Hot ‘Slim in 6’ Alternative – 6 Moves For a Great Alternative to ‘Slim in 6’

Slim In 6 is a simple home fitness program for women marketed and sold through TV infomercials. It is mainly geared toward women who would prefer avoid the sweaty, inconvenient gym scene. While the program is a sound approach to enhancing your wellness, strength and energy – there are some basic, alternative exercises that can also give you body-improving changes – also without requiring you to join a health club, fitness center, or ‘the gym’.

Most ladies are very self-conscious about the butt, thighs, belly, love-handle, and arm areas of their bodies. Here are six synergistic exercises to lift, tone and firm those trouble spot areas – right in the comfort and privacy of your own house, office – or even when you are on the road for business or vacation.

1 – Total Body Up & Downs: 20 repetitions. Take a slow deliberate pace on these and keep breathing through the whole motion.

2 – Slow Step Downs: 12 repetitions per leg. Move slowly – and feel free to hold onto a wall or banister for balance.

3 – Side Planks: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Remember to keep breathing gently on these.

4 – Single Leg Planks: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Same here – remember to keep breathing gently on these.

5 – Half-Body Slow Push-ups: 10 repetitions. Breath out on the way up – In on the way down, moving slowly.

6 – Single-Side Hip Extensions: Hold for 20 seconds per side. Move slowly and breath out on the way up – In on the way down.

These six body-weight exercises can be an effective Slim In 6 workout alternative. Together, they can be done as a circuit exercise session, with minimal rest time between each body-toning exercise. If one time through the circuit feels easy – then you can go through the circuit again. You can also increase the amount of time – or repetitions, in each exercise.

Always get your doctors clearance for exercise before you begin any type of fitness program. No matter what.

If you are cleared by your doctor to exercise freely – then feel free to add the above home exercise routine to what you already do – or use it as a foundation to build the rest of your home fitness program on.